The Vidilanz® Solar-Cam™ is a 'wire free' surveillance and image monitoring solution for remote or unattended locations. The MPixel camera is solar powered making it completely independent of external power. The captured images are sent via a 3G modem to a web based Dashboard, PC, mobile phone and to a monitoring station if required.

The patented 'Ultra Low Power Image Processing Technology' enables the Solar-Cam™ to operate with only a small internal battery allowing it to be mounted high on a pole or building, well out of reach of vandals or flood waters.

The camera can also have a Telephoto lens to enable it to be mounted out of reach or sight, and an optional wireless motion detector can activate the camera from up to 80m away.

The camera can also operate in a 'time-lapse' mode for applications such as Traffic or Water monitoring.

For night vision, the camera can have a white LED spotlight for colour images or an Infrared spotlight for covert B&W images.

All images are concurrently stored on an internal 8GB SD card as a backup.