Mini Xtern-Cam

The Mini Xtern is a small discreet outdoor digital surveillance camera for monitoring activity at close range.
The highly sensitive camera captures high-resolution colour images when motion is detected. The images are sent via a 3G modem to a PC, mobile phone, or web based monitoring ‘Dashboard’.
The camera has an internal motion detector but can also be triggered from wireless motion detectors, up to 40m away.
The Mini-Xtern can also operate in ‘time-lapse’ mode for applications such as Construction, Traffic and Water monitoring etc. All images are also stored on an internal SD card as a backup.
For night vision, the camera can automatically trigger white or IR LED wireless spotlights

The Mini Xtern is housed in a rugged IP67 weatherproof case for optimum protection and can be spray painted any colour to blend in with the surroundings.
It is ideal for monitoring entrance ways, farm gates, parking garages and graffiti etc.


·         Standalone battery operation for several months
·         High Sensitivity colour VGA or MPixel camera with wide dynamic range
·         Full control and configuration of the camera via SMS commands
·         Small palm sized 3G camera for unobtrusive surveillance
·         Autonomous power management using the new Autonimo camera
·         Tiny 8cm x 8cm rugged IP67 weatherproof case
·         Digital signature including camera ID, within each image for legal verification
·         Customised image-capture sequence & Pre-Trigger image capture
·         Motion activated or Time-Lapse camera modes.
·         Optional wireless Infra-Red spotlight for covert night vision
·         Optional Solar powered wireless white LED spotlight for colour night vision
·         Optional battery operated wireless motion detector activates the camera up to 40m away
·         Images are sent immediately to mobile phone, PC, Monitoring Station, & web based Dashboard