Flood Early Warning System - Camera

The Vidilanz® Flood Early Warning System (FEWS) is a ‘wire free’ water level imaging system for monitoring rivers & waterways, culverts, river crossings and flood risk areas. The MPixel imaging system is solar powered making it completely independent of external power. The image and water level data are sent via a 3G modem or Satellite to monitoring stations and emergency services websites. 

The FEWS operates 24 hours per day and utilises a white LED spotlight to illuminate the flood area at night. The advantage of White LED technology is that it penetrates heavy rain so that the flood water can still be monitored of a night time in torrential rain. Infra-red spotlights on the other hand tend to reflect the light off the rain back into the camera creating a white haze.

  • Solar powered water level imaging system for monitoring waterways, culverts and flood risk areas
  • Ultra-low power digital imaging system with 3G modem and Satellite fallback.
  • High sensitivity colour MPixel camera with wide dynamic range
  • Fully integrated impulse Radar technology for non-contact water level measurement
  • Optional Bubble sensor and Doppler water velocity sensor.
  • Images & water level data are sent immediately to emergency services monitoring stations and websites
  • Full control and configuration of the system via SMS commands
Solar powered synchronised white or IR LED spotlight for night vision
  • Images and water level data are also displayed on a web based Dashboard.