Elevator-CamTM is a high sensitivity digital surveillance camera with inbuilt image recording function and extraordinary long battery life for elevator surveillance applications.  A B&W version is also available for low light conditions.

Adding CCTV to Existing elevators requires special cables reaching the height of the building which can cost up to $20K! The Elevator-Cam costs a fraction of this and installation is fast and simple.

The camera captures high resolution colour or black & white images when motion is detected and stores them onto a removable memory card for easy viewing on a computer or tablet. The camera can also be externally triggered from a push button panel or elevator door opening.

The camera can store up to 135,000 images and will optionally overwrite the oldest images when the memory card is full, for ‘set and forget’ operation. In this scenario, the memory card will hold around 2 weeks of history at any given time!

Elevator-CamTM can be powered by either a rechargeable battery or mains using an external 12VDC power source.


• Unique “wire-free” video-based surveillance camera
• ‘Set and forget’ operation
• Colour or B&W camera mounted in top corner of elevator
• Motion activated or Time lapse mode
• Compact, lightweight and portable
• Rugged stainless steel case to prevent vandalism
• Customised image-capture sequence and image encryption
• Time and date stamped images with programmable text overlay
• Flexible scheduler for arming and disarming of camera
• Ideal for monitoring vandalism, graffiti or criminal activity
• Digital signature within each image for legal proceedings