The Construction-Camis a ‘wire free’ surveillance system for monitoring domestic and commercial building sites. The MPixel imaging system is solar powered making it completely independent of external power. The images are sent via a 3G modem to the Vidilanz web based Dashboard where building management can securely log-in and view the construction progress.

The patented 'Ultra Low Power Image Processing Technology' enables the Construction-Cam™ to operate with only a small internal battery making it very compact and light, allowing it to be pole mounted.

The camera can also have a Telephoto lens to enable it to focus on construction sites many hundreds of meters away.
For domestic building sites, the camera sends images on a regular basis throughout the day so building management can see the progress at each site.
Typically the management can be overseas or interstate and monitor progress on the web Dashboard.
Of an evening however, the camera switches to security mode enabling wireless motion detectors to trigger the camera if an intruder enters the site.

A video service is also offered whereby all images can be stored on the Vidilanz web server for the life of the building project and a video made of the entire construction phase from beginning to end. This video can then be used by the Construction company for promotional purposes.