Flood Early Warning System

Vidilanz Flood Early Warning System
The Vidilanz® Flood  Early Warning System is a ‘wire free’ radar based water level imaging system for monitoring rivers & waterways, culverts, river crossings and flood risk areas. The MPixel imaging system is solar powered making it completely independent of external power.
Image and water level data are sent via 3G modem or Satellite to the Vidilanz web Dashboard, emergency services monitoring stations, and council websites.

The impulse radar device is positioned on a boom over the water and measures the water level from heights up to 30m within 3mm accuracy. The height of the radar and imaging system is typically higher than the maximum historical flood level at that location.

Under normal conditions the system sends images and water level data on a regular basis however when the water level rises quickly, the system automatically changes to high speed imaging, immediately warning the monitoring authorities and providing real time flood status information. Relying on water level data alone is very risky during an emergency flood crisis as large spikes can be ignored as equipment failure – An image however will verify the water data.
Water Level Monitoring 
Non-contact water level measurement means that the mounting poles can be taller than the highest flood surge ensuring the survival of the flood warning system.
Typically, traditional 'contact' water gauges are washed away or fatally damaged as a result of a severe flood water surge.

Water level (WL) and water rate of rise (ROR) are sampled every 10 minutes. An Image is sent every hour with the water data. If either the water level or ROR exceeds pre-set values, the system sends an image immediately with the alarm data. During this ‘alarm’ phase, the image frequency is increased and the WL/ROR sampling is also increased to every 5 minutes. Emergency services operators can also take control of the camera for a period of time to get real-time image sequences. All settings and pre-set levels including the water level calibration can be programmed via SMS.