Vidilanz is a globally recognised leading brand of battery powered video surveillance solutions, utilising its international patented ultra low power video processing technology.

Vidilanz offers a wide range of surveillance cameras to suit many applications including domestic and commercial security, covert, and battery operated outdoor surveillance.

Building upon a core team of experienced engineers with significant expertise in software and hardware development, our mission is to design and develop quality, state of the art technology solutions for the surveillance camera market.

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  • Completely 'Wire free'
  • Ultra Low Power technology 
  • Exceptional battery life
  • Remote accessibility 
  • High resolution images
  • Programmable image sequence
  • Privacy ensured – images can be encrypted

Xtern Cam

The Xtern-Cam is a rugged outdoor standalone surveillance camera with digital image recording function, integrated night vision and inbuilt Solar Panel to give extraordinary long battery life. It is part of the Vidilanz Solar-Smart range of surveillance cameras and is a bundled product consisting of a Vidilanz surveillance camera, re-chargeable battery, remote control, 8GB memory card, battery charger and PC configuration software.

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Vidilanz News

New MPixel Solar-Cam™

Moreton Bay Systems is pleased to announce the release of its latest megapixel based Solar-Cam™. The images are not just higher resolution but also have a wider format effectively giving the camera a wider viewing angle.
The increased sensitivity and wide dynamic range give spectacular daytime & night time images.

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A World First Flood Early Warning System

World First trial uses radar to measure water levels and flood-alert images are sent wirelessly to emergency services and councils.

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Catch graffiti vandals in the act

Vidilanz Xtern-Cam, the perfect tool for identifying graffiti vandals.

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